Facilities for hire

-Our development centre includes a fully equipped development kitchen and presentation room, both of which are available for hire.

-We can accommodate presentations for up to 30 people, or add a boardroom table to provide a meeting room for up to 10 people.

-These facilities are often used by food and beverage companies to host PR events, use as a studio for photo shoots, and by smaller enterprises who require a well-equipped kitchen for production and development purposes.

-Our facilities can be booked by the day, half day or evening, with refreshments and staff assistance available on request.

Facilities top
Facilities bottom


-FBDC can support investors.

-There are instances when entrepreneurs ask us to assist them with regards to access different levels of seed funding. FBDC can provide the environment for the entrepreneur and the investor to explore opportunities for them to work together.

-FBDC is able to offer the investor support from a product and a manufacturing perspective, or supply the base knowledge in a category they are not familiar with prior to investment

Innovation and Creativity


Innovation drives business growth and is an essential part of business strategy in the fast-paced modern food industry. FBDC can help drive your ideation to deliver product ranges with unique selling points, helping you create a fresh and exciting proposition to your consumers. Our team are dedicated to keeping up with local and global trends in product, packaging and process.

We attend trade shows and industry events and have a wealth of in-house experience, as well as a network of industry contacts, chefs, and centres of excellence in development. The services we offer include:

  • Trend Research within a particular product category or consumer demographic to identify innovative product opportunities.
  • Interpretation of trend documentation and consumer insights to unlock new category and range opportunities.
  • Innovation in line with specific requirements e.g. nutritional guidelines, dietary requirements
  • Culinary expertise to develop recipes coupled with the ability to translate a kitchen recipe and its method to enable large scale manufacture

With a collective experience in strategy, innovation, product profiling, benchmarking, product, packaging design, project management, supplier sourcing and manufacture across chilled, frozen and ambient categories, we can tailor our teams’ skills to our clients’ specific needs.

Food Technology and Processing


We offer technical support and advice in the following areas:

  • New product development
  • Sourcing ingredients
  • Checking ingredients/product specifications
  • Bespoke food manufacturing company visits
  • Shelf-life assessment
  • Reheat/cooking instruction development and verification
  • Factory/pre-production trials/new product launches
  • Labelling
  • Nutrition and health claims
  • Quality monitoring
  • Product quality attribute specifications
  • Food product re-heat protocols

It is essential that all on pack instructions are fully tested and deliver consistently. We can verify your instructions or we can create the optimum instruction on your behalf on an ad hoc or contracted basis. FBDC can also undertake a market review of cooking times by range if required.

Expert process development and a thorough understanding of food manufacturing technologies is critical. We can help you ensure a development concept can be produced consistently in large volume for retail or food service.

Many products fail because insufficient attention is played to this part of the process. FBDC’s team of food industry process specialists will ensure your product concepts are consistent and repeatable as products transition from development kitchen to pilot plant and/or large scale manufacture. The services we offer include:

  • Management of the entire process, taking the approved development concept to retailer shelf space or into food service.
  • The writing of product quality attributes which detail all aspects of the product, as a reference for the manufacturer.
  • The sourcing and commissioning of new equipment to manufacture or package your product.
  • Supporting existing products and ranges with a manufacturing review.



We can assist with a variety of tasks at short notice and with a quick turnaround. These include

  • Quality checks and monitoring against Quality Attribute Sheets
  • Supply shortages and factory issues
  • Cost/value engineering
  • Benchmarking and product comparison
  • Reheat verification

International Businesses


FBDC can help launch products in the UK, supporting your business with our extensive knowledge of the UK food market. We can produce a market overview detailing your target market and competitors, and advise on a strategy to get your product onto shelves in UK stores.

Has Brexit impacted on your business and are you looking at moving your production either to the UK or produce in other countries? We have the expertise to help you make this happen quickly. Ring us up and have a chat and see what we can do to help, a call costs nothing and it may help you to realise your ambition sooner.

Asia and the Middle East are starting to show real growth in food development and innovation. FBDC’s team has worked extensively in the Asian market, in diverse categories including cooking oils, food to go and more, and we have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to promote real growth in these exciting and rapidly developing markets.

On-Trend Ingredients


The food industry is rapidly changing, with abundant innovation in ingredients and increasing focus on healthy, functional and ecologically favourable products. Our team regularly attend trade shows and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and ingredients used in the industry. We have worked with products as diverse as insect snack bars and dairy alternatives, and have carried out our own research into alternative baking ingredients, finding ways to reduce sugar and fat and create gluten-free alternatives in multiple formats.

FBDC’s product development is always underpinned by research, and an understanding of the function of each ingredient. This enables us to incorporate modern and relevant ingredients, and improve the nutritional profile of existing products, without compromising on taste or quality.

We have substantial experience of reformulation, having modified entire ranges of products to comply with government recommendations for sugar and salt levels. With the level of nutritional regulation set to increase in the near future, FBDC can support reformulation across all categories.