Ask the experts

We can answer your questions on a variety of food industry topics, from technical queries to insight on trends and nutritional labelling.

As a start-up company or entrepreneur with possibly little or no experience in the food industry its important for you to understand what your project is going to entail and the stages of work involved. We offer clients a workshop as way to kick-start your project. These can be held either in our office or online. These workshops are held with yourself and one or two of our senior team (depending on requirements) and the aim of the workshop is for us to gain a complete understanding of what your requirements are so we can quote more accurately and for you to gain some of our knowledge and experience before you start the project giving you a more definitive direction.

Here is a sample agenda for our workshops.. please note this is very generic and could be tailored to suit your requirements for the meeting – we want you to get the most out of the meeting so we’re happy to include anything else on the agenda that you would like advice on.

  • FBDC introduction
  • Client project review - progress/brand values and challenges faced to date
  • Review products on the market that you like
  • Review packaging options
  • Review branding and labelling, packaging options
  • Product make up
  • Review of ingredients used
  • Review of production method (key safety points) and possible improvements.
  • Product testing and shelf life requirements.
  • Larger scale manufacturing options and routes to market/into retailers.

The cost of our online workshop is £350 + VAT and our in-house workshop is £500 + VAT. Following the workshop we would send you a detailed/ tailored proposal for your project including all the stages of work we propose with the relevant costs and timings.

Please Note – if you decide to go ahead with the project we would deduct the workshop fee from our total fees so the workshop therefore becomes Free of Charge.